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What’s the Difference?

Shawarma Sandwish

Shawarma Sandwich


Gyros Sandwich

There has always been this idea that a Gyro and Shawarma sandwich are alike in both taste and look. Although they do have very similar appearances, the overall ingredients of these traditional, one of kind sandwiches have a few things to distinguish between the two. Here at Karam Lebanese Deli and Catering, we use nothing but all natural ingredients made from scratch on a day to day basis. The greeks also have a very unique touch and a twist on the famous Gyro/ Shawarma sandwich.

Gyros are going to be from a greek standpoint and origin and the bread that they use is still considered pita bread, but most commonly called flatbread. The sandwich consists of meat, tomatoes, onion, and tzatziki sauce on pita. It might sound small, but is one packed sandwich bursting with flavor. The meat is usually made with a combination of beef and lamb and sometimes pork.

Now Shawarma is more on the lines of a middle eastern background, which is usually stacking chicken on a rotating spit that is cooked and sliced to perfection. Our traditional sandwich is going to include all natural, antibiotic free chicken, served fresh daily on our charbroiled grill.

The toppings on this mouthwatering masterpiece can vary from one tradition to another. What we commonly prepare it with are a combination of hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, parsley, and tahini sauce piled on high with our homemade pita bread. Shawarma sandwiches can be made with chicken or lamb which keep your tastebuds begging for more. If you crave that refreshing and flavorful Tzatziki sauce, that can always be substituted instead of Garlic Tahini sauce.

Now that we know the difference between a Shawarma and a Gyro, its up to you to decide which one you like best.

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